The Power of Fitness Feedback 

The web application “My SLOfit” allows users, i.e. student and their parents, teachers, and adult participants to access their test results and a whole host of additional support materials. These can be accessed by doctors, coaches or other persons to whom access is granted by SLOfit data owner. Thus, all stakeholders can access and exploit SLOfit information for helping someone improve fitness outcomes and create lasting behaviour changes.  

On the My SLOfit app, annual SLOfit data for the user are available with the following feedback: 

  • progress of the person’s physical fitness in the most recent year, 
  • comparison of his/her physical and motor development with same-age peers, 
  • fitness and health-risk category of individual SLOfit results (both students and adults). 

Reports can facilitate an increased collaboration between schools and health sectors which would enable the introduction of innovative diagnosis models and early interventions in the case of childhood obesity or delays in physical and motor development. Diagnosing problematic environments concerning physical activity availability and access help local authorities to plan and implement adequate solutions, like walkability and active transport to school for their constituents. 

Enhancing one’s SLOfit profile by adding information on one’s own physical activity patterns in children and adults who use automated trackers (e.g. smartphones, smart bracelet trackers) may provide even greater quality feedback for participants. It would also enable for more complex big data analysis and forecasting of future physical and motor development trends in children.