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    SLOfit is a national surveillance system for physical and motor development of children and youth which was formerly known as Sports Educational Chart. The system was implemented in 1982 on a sample of Slovenian schools and after 5 years of testing it was introduced to all Slovenian primary and secondary schools.


Let's overcome the harmful consequences of COVID-19 restriction measures together


With the COVID-19 SLOFITbarometer, we draw attention to the extremely harmful consequences of COVID-19 movement restriction measures which have been enacted to curb the spread of infection, but have also led to serious declines in the physical fitness of children and youth, and to implement proposals limiting these negative consequences.


SLOfit is an upgrade to the established national monitoring system of physical and motor development in children and youth - Sports Education Card (ŠVK).

All measurements

SLOfit šolar

SLOfit študent

SLOfit zdravnik

SLOfit učitelj

1 mio

people included

half of the intire SLO population


taller children

between 1995 and 2015


heavier children

between 1995 and 2015

7 mio

sets of measurements

in the past 30 years

Be fit, get info SLOfit

Since 1987, every year all primary and secondary schools in Slovenia participate in SLOfit, national surveillance system for physical and motor development of children and youth.

With the help of the SLOfit data children, youth and their parents can monitor their physical and motor development, while teachers and physicians acquire important information necessary for the planning and implementation of intervention in the cases when children experience difficulties in their physical and motor development or professional guidance when children show extraordinary abilities.
How and why?



My SLOfit

Life-long monitoring of physical fitness

Web application My SLOfit allows student and their parents web access to students’ SLOfit results. PE teacher could also see a child’s SLOfit results via this application as well as a child’s physician provided by parents’ consent.

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Others about SLOfit

PUČKO family - Parents Katja and Sebastijan with their children Lorina and Lenart

We find SLOfit really great. Every year we can observe the progress of children in specific tasks, we can compare their results with the results of their peers, and we are even able to compare their results with our results when we were their age. SLOfit is one of the incentives for our active and healthy leisure time.

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MARKO PRIMOŽIČ - The headmaster of Ivan Grohar primary school from Škofja Loka and a long-time sport worker

We are constantly monitoring the physical and motor development of our pupils with the help of SLOfit. Among other things, this helps us also to evaluate our quality work in physical education. We share the results with our teachers’ board, parents and local community. We base the planning of our programs for increasing physical activity of our children on the evidence, gathered by the SLOfit system.

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