We want people to make the best use of their SLOfit data to positively effect on their life

With the development of the Moj SLOfit application and SLOfit Adults programme, we are already closer to our goal of bringing SLOfit as close as possible to all Slovenians. We believe that in the future it will have a higher utility value for all age groups.

Key points of the development vision:

  • Linking SLOfit data of children and their parents and insight into this data for schoolchildren and parents (and selected doctors) with the My SLOfit application. With this, parents and schoolchildren could directly compare their physical and movement development.
  • Creation of predictive models and simulations (how the child's development will proceed in the coming years and how could proceed with some interventions), which could be used to more quickly identify children with disorders in physical and movement development and potential health risks, and also intervene appropriately, but also determine movement talent.
  • Lifelong monitoring of physical performance with SLOfit. According to the example of SLOfit Students programme, it is possible to derive measurements for the preschool period as well. Such an approach would make it possible to monitor physical and movement development throughout life.
  • Using SLOfit data to plan exercise programmes. In cooperation with sports experts (teachers, kinesiologists, trainers) in various environments (schools, sports associations, private individuals, health organizations), who would correctly evaluate the results of the measurements and would design an individual exercise program according to the physical and movement characteristics of children or adults.
  • SLOfit report as a certificate of an individual's physical capacity (for an employer, insurance company, school).
  • In cooperation with Slovenian companies, the development of new measuring devices that will increase the accuracy of data collection and reduce the burden on teachers.
  • In cooperation with Slovenian Olympic Committee, we could establish the recognition of sports talent and the connection between the school and sports environment, and thereby contribute to the development of sports talented children.