The SLOfit research team

The SLOfit system is develped and maintained by the Laboratory for the Diagnostics of Physical and Motor Development, located at the Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia.

The laboratory is investigating:

  • physical activity and its indicators, such as patterns of 24-hour movement behaviour and physical fitness;
  • healthy physical development and its indicatiors, such as growth patterns, nutritional habits, body composition, and factors that influence the physical development of children and youth.

In recent years, there have been many rapid changes in children's’ lifestyles which greatly impact physical activity and development.

Social, economic, and physical environmental changes can significantly affect healthy human development, which is why the laboratory studies these changes, and in cooperation with experts from other disciplines, the SLOfit team has built strong, collaborative relationships across disciplines with physical anthropology, social anthropology, kinesiology, public health, environmental physiology, developmental psychology and pediatrics, to name a few.