Secular trends in the Exercise Capacity for SLOfit

The Exercise Capacity for SLOfit indicates the general efficiency of the body in movement from the point of view of all movement abilities but excludes the physical characteristics of the individual (e.g. BMI and upper am skinfold measures are not included). It is calculated as the average score of all measures that determine physical performance, i.e. eight movement measurement tasks. It is expressed on a scale of 0 (worst) to 100 (best), as a centile value; so for example, an Exercise Capacity of 25 would mean that for this person, 25% of their peers have worse (and 75% of their peers have better) physical performance than they do.

The Exercise Capacity is calculated from the mean centile values of all motor tests separate for each sex. The trend line is calculated on pooled SLOfit data from 1989-2021. A value of 50 represents the average Exercise Capacity for a given period. Thus, deviations from 50 indicate better or worse overall population fitness compared to the mean of that entire period.