SLOfit team

Gregor Jurak

Prof. Gregor Jurak, PhD


Prof. Gregor Jurak, PhD is a head of SLOfit research team and a full professor on Faculty of Sport at University of Ljubljana. His main research interests include Physical Fitness, Physical Activity, Motor Development, Didactics of PE and Sports management. Over the years, he has published over 100 scientific papers. He has published more than 70 research papers. He is or he was a head of few national project teams in EU projects CrowdHEALTH, SportGO, Sport in 3D, Sustainable management of sport facilities, EUPASMOS, EuPEO, FitBack and JoyMVPA. He has experience in setting up national programs in the field of health enhanced physical activity (he is the first author of current National Programme for Sport; co-author of few national promotional sport programs). He has also experience in setting up national IT projects in sport and physical activity (SLOfit, national sport facilities database, public financed sport programs database) and physical fitness intervention programs (enhanced PE, Healthy lifestyle program). He is also national delegate in few international organizations and forums (FIEP, EUPEA, GoFPEP, CEREPS) as well as member state expert in EU XGs Economic Dimension and Human Resource Management in Sport.

Gregor Starc

Assoc. Prof. Gregor Starc, PhD


Asist. Prof. Gregor Starc, PhD is a project manager of SLOfit system. His main research interests include Physical Fitness, Physical Activity, Motor Development, Didactics of PE and Physical Anthropology. He is advisor to the WHO in the Children Obesity Surveillance Initiative group and was a temporary advisor of the WHO Heat for Walking group which produced a tool for economic assessment of walking and cycling. He has a rich experience in setting up national programs in the field of health-related physical activity

Marjeta Kovač

Prof. Marjeta Kovač, PhD


Prof. Marjeta Kovač, PhD is a full professor and a researcher in Laboratory for the Diagnostics of Somatic and Motor Development. Marjeta graduated in 1980. In 1989 she finished her master's degree and in 1999 she finished her PhD. She is a head of the Department for Physical Education. Her bibliography contains 1087 bibliographic units. Her scientific research focuses on the field of environmental factors that affect physical, motor development and physical skills of children, didactic phenomena, evaluation, the role of physical education in the curriculum, working conditions, health problems and competences of PE teachers. She was the president of the Scientific Council of the International Congress of Sport and Youth (2008, 2010). She is a member of editorial boards and reviewer in various scientific journals. She is teaching graduate and doctoral students at the Faculty of Sports, University of Ljubljana and at the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb. She is the first author of the current Slovenian curriculum for Physical Education. She helped in the renovation and the preparation of the school system curricula in Kosovo. She wrote three university textbooks with revision and a number of other manuals. She led the Commission for examination and grading knowledge at the end of primary school education. She instituted programs of school sports competitions, swimming literacy and additional sports programs for children. She is collaborating with the National Educational Institute, Institute for Sport Planica, Federation of Associations of Physical Education teachers and with the National examination Centre. She is the representative for Slovenia in International Federation of Physical Education (FIEP).

Bojan Leskošek

Asst. Prof. Bojan Leskošek, PhD


Asist. Prof. dr. Bojan Leskošek, PhD is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Sports, University of Ljubljana. Bojan teaches statistics and methodology in research and is part of SLOfit team from the beginning of the 80s, first as the programmer and head of data processing, later as a consultant, in particular statistical issues.

Maja Bučar Pajek

Asst. Prof. Vedrana Sember, PhD


Vedrana Sember, PhD, finished her PhD on Faculty for Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies and is at the Faculty of Sports employed as a researcher and assistant at the department of Didactics. Vedrana Sember finished her Phd from the field of Physical fitness, Physical activity and Academic Performance of children and youth. Her research focuses on the relationship between physical activity, physical fitness and academic performance in children and adolescents. She became active as a researcher in 2015, where she became part of Global Matrix 2.0 Active Healthy Kids Alliance. In 2016 Vedrana represented Republic of Slovenia on International Scientific conference in Bangkok, Thailand.

Maroje Sorić

Assoc. Prof. Maroje Sorić, PhD


Maroje Sorić, PhD is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb. His research focuses on the relationship between physical activity, physical fitness and health, especially in children and adolescents. Within this field, he published a series of international notable scientific work and had numerous invited lectures. His participation in the SLOfit research team lasts for more than 10 years and is reflected in the number of joint research works. Maroje s also one of the authors of the national action plan to prevent and reduce obesity in the Republic of Croatia 2007-2010.

Janko Strel

Prof. Janko Strel, PhD


Prof. Janko Strel, PhD is a retired Professor at the University of Ljubljana and a founder of Sports Educational Chart, today known as SLOfit. His reach career is marked by the transfer of research knowledge into system solutions that we know today (eg. A national sports program, gym at each elementary school, SLOfit as mandatory educational tool…). He has received the highest award of the World Association of sports educators (FIEP) and the highest national award in the field of Sports in Slovenia.

Neja Markelj

Asst. Neja Markelj, PhD


Neja Markelj holds a PhD in Pedagogy from the Faculty of Arts in the field of international student assessment. She taught physical education in high school for more than 10 years and now works as an assistant at the Faculty of Sports of the University of Ljubljana as an assistant in the subject Didactics of Physical Education. She is interested in interdisciplinary areas of pedagogy, didactics and psychology.

Shawnda Morrison

Asst. Prof. Shawnda A. Morrison, PhD


A cardiovascular and environmental physiologist whose expertise lies in adaptive and integrative human physiology in extreme environments. Dr. Morrison has over 20 years’ international experience investigating sport performance and exercise physiology. She has managed complex, multi-national bedrest studies for the Canadian and European Space Agencies. These studies have described the combined effects of inactivity, hypoxia and artificial gravity on human vascular structure and function, sleep, behavioural thermoregulation, and other multi-system effects. Shawnda holds industry gold-standard certifications as a Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist, with High Performance Specialisation (since 2001) and is a Somnologist, Expert in Sleep Medicine (since 2014). More recently, Shawnda has been the Report Card Leader for Slovenia for the Active Healthy Kids Global Matrix 2.0 and 3.0 launches, and a founding member of Active Healthy Kids Slovenia (est. 2016).

Rok Blagus

Asst. Prof. Rok Blagus, PhD


Associate Professor at the Medical Faculty and the Faculty of Sports at the University of Ljubljana and the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies of the University of Primorska. His research interests include the development of statistical methodology, especially in the field of predicting rare events and analysis of high-volume data. He is a member of the Methodological Council at the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia.

Jerneja Premelc

Jerneja Premelč, PhD


Jerneja Premelč, PhD, has been participating in the pedagogical process at the department of Polystructural conventional sports at the Faculty of Sports for several years. She has published several scientific articles. Her scientific research focuses on the field of reliability and validity of the judging system, performance analysis in sport, sports injuries and sport for health. She joined SLOfit team in 2021.

Kaja Meh

Kaja Meh, MA of psychology


Young researcher and PhD student at the Faculty of Sport. She is a Master of Psychology; she holds a master's degree in sports psychology and dual career of athletes. She joined the team in 2018 and actively participates in the EUPASMOS and SLOfit projects.

Žan Luca Potočnik

Žan Luca Potočnik, Master of Physical Education


He has master's degree in physical education. While studying for a bachelor's and a master's degree he gained experience in research of physical activity. Wearable activity monitors were of his special interest. In 2019 he was accepted in Program of young researchers funded by Slovenian Research Agency. Currently as a member of SLOFIT team he is employed as researcher at Faculty of Sports, where he is also doing his Doctorate in Kinesiology. His current research interests are physical activity interventions and children physical development. Purpose of his research is to analyse different types of approaches to physical activity interventions and how effective they are within groups of children with diverse physical characteristics.

Jaka Kramaršič

Jaka Kramaršič, Mkin


Researcher at Faculty of sport in Ljubljana. He finished his master’s degree in kinesiology on the topic of kinesiological examination model for preventing injuries of swimmers. He joined SLOfit team in October 2019 and is a part of different projects.

Žan Luca Potočnik

Tjaša Ocvirk, Master of Sport Sciences


Tjaša has a bachelor's degree in kinesiology and master's degree in Sport Sciences. At the Faculty of Sport, where she completed her undergraduate studies, she is employed as a researcher. She completed postgraduate studies at the University of Jyväskylä majoring in exercise physiology. In her master thesis she was researching about physical activity and sleep in hypertensive individuals. As part of her studies abroad she has worked as a clinical exercise physiologist in Australia. As a member of SLOfit team she is working in many different projects.