SLOfit’s Social Media Communication

SLOfit team provides expert SLOfit advice in the form of web journal, and community outreach using a variety of moderated social media, including running its own YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Each outlet provides unique tools and tips on how to increase one’s health, fitness, and physical literacy.

Below we list a few Slovenian-language social media examples which can be translated using your web-browser features, and gives you an idea of the kind of outreach the SLOfit team are regularly doing for the public here in the country.

SLOfit Advice column

An example of using out-of-the-box methods for creating critical-thinking and self-responsibility in children—Parkour in the Forests!

Facebook posts

An example of a Facebook post which discusses / criticises the decision to invest greater money into roads and road traffic instead of considering pedestrian, bus and rail infrastructure.

Instagram posts

An example of the SLOfit Instagram homepage. Dates and times of various SLOfit team trainings or programmes are listed here.


The home of all our video content, interviews and introductory pieces. Most are uploaded in the Slovenian language, but there are some content in English, especially output from international projects.