SLOfit fitness monitoring for whole family 

SLOfit Adults programme is an upgrade of the established monitoring of physical and motor development in the Slovenian school environment (SLOfit Students), which allows people to monitor their physical fitness throughout adulthood.  

To make SLOfit data as useful as possible, we have expanded the scope of My SLOfit, where adults can access their childhood SLOfit data (if it’s on record) and also upgrade their records with regular testing as an adult. Within the online application system, SLOfit Reports can be accessed not only by the adult, but also by anyone to whom they grant access to the data, e.g. kinesiologist, trainer, their doctor.  

The SLOfit Adults programme contains a wide range of physical fitness components (i.e. coordination, flexibility), which allow individuals, other registered users (e.g. coaches, doctors) and researchers and to follow how these components change over time, or modify the adult’s health outcomes later in life. The programme has 3 different test batteries covering the adult testing based on the age and ability of the adult’s baseline fitness status and comfort levels. SLOfit Adults testing is performed in many different settings to make it easily accessible to all, including schools, healthcare and community centres, and even in an adults’ occupational setting (e.g. companies and public organisations). 

With excellent data pooling options and a user-friendly design, the SLOfit platform remains one of the most cost-effective and informative resources for the lay public, backed by the latest scientific infrastructures and social media, providing individual personal data-based feedback and tips to those who need it most. 

More specifically, the SLOfit Adults testing consists of 3 sections:  1. checking the adult’s health risk for performing movement testing, 2. choosing the most optimal fitness test battery according to the medical screening, age and comfort of the individual, and 3.  entering fitness scores into the My SLOfit application, thus creating a SLOfit report; the tester then can perform some consulting on possible exercise programmes or/and behaviour changes.  

The testing is organized in such a way that the testing operators ensure the greatest possible safety for all participants. Adults visit a centre of their choice (e.g. local gymnasium or school) and a fitness tester administers the assessment. The ‘head of testing’ is an exercise expert with (at minimum) a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, physical education, physical training, physiotherapy, or medicine. After medical screening, participants complete a warm-up to a prepared video based on age and fitness level of the individual. After warm-up, participants begin the motor tests of battery that was defined by ‘head of testing’. Normally, adults up to the age of 35, can opt for being tested using the SLOfit Students measurement test battery. They can get a direct comparison with achievements from their school period. However, they can take also SLOfit Adults testing which is primarily meant for population age of 36 to 64 years. People over the age of 65 are included in SLOfit Senior Fitness Testing using a specially-designed test battery for seniors. However, Seniors can also choose to take part in measurements from the SLOfit Adult protocol with permission from the ‘head of testing’. Certain features may not be available. 

The motor tests do follow a specific order, with cardiorespiratory endurance being performed last. After testing, participants enter their fitness scores into the My SLOfit application and immediately receive scores evaluated according to their current health risk, a comparison with peers, as well as a comparison with their previous entered scores. Together, and with the health characteristics recorded into the My SLOfit app, the resources provide expert consults with the tools needed to construct the best and most accurate exercise programmes or/and behaviour changes for that individual based on their current health needs.