Slovenia boasts a deeply rooted tradition of fitness, outdoorsmanship and physical activity in its population and pursuits.

The SLOfit Students system was established many years before the more recently established Eurofit programme; it has proven to be a valuable resource for teachers, health professionals and researchers alike.

The SLOfit was based on the large-scale physical fitness testing in Slovenia dating from the 1960s and 1970s. The SLOfit testing system (in different name) was first implemented in 1982 on a sample of Slovenian schools, and after 5 years of testing, it was then introduced to all Slovenian primary and secondary schools. Thus, the SLOfit Students programme enables the annual monitoring of physical and motor status of children in all Slovenian schools from 1987 onwards.

Detailed Programme Summary 

  • 2021 The first adult participants are included into the My SLOfit database
  • 2019Launch of a lifelong fitness monitoring system with the help of the My SLOfit application 
  • 2018 Protection is acheived for the use of the SLOfit brand, name and logo design  
  • 2016 Development and launch of the My SLOfit web application
  • 2015Pilot trials for the SLOfit web application system for students begins 
  • 2007 Introduction of the "SLOfit" name for domestic and international audiences 
  • 1999 Incorporation of students' written consent/assent to be included into the "Sports Education Card" system
  • 1998 The new curriculum for physical education requires all PE teachers to monitor the physical and movement development of children and youth every year 
  • 1996 Passage of the Personal Data Protection Act and introduction of requiring written parental consent to participate in the "Sports Education Card"
  • 1991 Disintegration of Yugoslavia and the emergence of an independent Republic of Slovenia 
  • 1989The "Sports Education Card" is incorporated into all Slovenian schools, across all grades 
  • 1987The introduction of the "Sports Education Card" is incorporated into all Slovenian schools for grades 1-5 
  • 1984A new curriculum for physical education again requires teachers to use the so-named "Sports Education Card" in their lesson planning 
  • 1981The introduction of a simplified "Physical Education Card" (i.e. a Sports Card) into the Slovenian school system model 
  • 1973 A new curriculum for physical education requires teachers to use the "Physical Education Card" 
  • 1970An introduction of the "Physical Education Card", a pre-cursor to the modern SLOfit system, is incorporated in all Slovenian schools
  • 1962 The curriculum for physical education requires teachers to monitor children's physical and movement development