Life-long monitoring of physical fitness

Web application My SLOfit allows student and their parents web access to students’ SLOfit results. PE teacher could also see a child’s SLOfit results via this application as well as a child’s physician provided by parents’ consent.

On My SLOfit annual SLOfit data are available with following augmented feedback:

  • progress of student physical fitness in recent year
  • comparison of his/her physical and motor development with peers
  • fitness and health-risk category of individual SLOfit results

Such report is a good basis for the informed decisions, taken by parents, teacher and physician about school-based and out-of-school physical activities and diet habits of child. The parents have an additional advantage to get the insight into information about physical fitness of all their children on one place.

Introduction of increased collaboration between school and health sectors would enable the introduction of innovative models of diagnosis and early intervention in the case of childhood obesity or delays in physical and motor development, which could be resolved in cooperation between PE teachers and school physicians. Such a system would enable also the diagnosis of problematic environments concerning physical activities, which would help local authorities to plan and implement adequate solutions to increase walkability and active transport to school.

Enhancing SLOfit profile by adding information on physical activity of children using automated trackers such as smartphones, smart bracelet trackers and other trackers of physical activity, sporting activity, sedentary activity, sleeping, and social economic status, will also ensure more feedback for participants and possibility for more complex analysis and forcasting of future physical and motor development of children.