The FitBack project

The FitBack project is an ambitious endevour funded by the European Commission as part of its Erasmus+ Sport Collaborative Partnership 2020. Its mandate is to advocate for, and provide tools that will allow examination of population health trends, the effects of national fitness policies and interventions on child health at the local, regional, national and European level. FitBack enables the prediction of future trends in population health by relating health risk to physical fitness status. The FitBack network has been developed in collaboration with 10 European partners who have established, systematic physical fitness assessment monitoring systems in children and adolescents. This network and research is coordinated by the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Sport, Slovenia.

The FitBack network welcomes new researchers and research groups from around the world. It can offer European expertise and support on all aspects of establishing your own methods of physical fitness monitoring in children and adolescents. For example, FitBack provides fitness monitoring tools for parents, teachers and children, organises regular meetings, workshops on current topics of interest, provides networking opportunities to interested stakeholders (like conferences), maintains links to European databases on physical fitness and other resources, educational materials, and provides best-practice descriptions on how to maximize one’s fitness. FitBack provides collaboration on fitness data analysis and counselling to new members on how to establish their own fitness monitoring system.

FitBack supports:

1. Children, adolescents, parents, teachers, physicians and coaches

A FitBack tool provides feedback on the selected Alpha fitness tests compared to European reference values and related health risk.

2. Policy makers at the local, regional and national level

Key actors can use resources online to aid in establishing their own physical fitness assessment protocols for testing and monitoring the health-risk of children and adolescents in their communities.


FitBack advice on creating your own fitness monitoring system is available online at https://www.fitbackeurope.eu/en-us/