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dr. JERNEJ PIKALO - Minister for education, science and sport

Current lifestyles of children and their parents have a strong influence on their physical and motor development. With the help of the SLOfit system in Slovenia  are parents and teachers able to detect any negative trends. With collaboration between school and helth system we can find adequate responses to negative trends. In the last years we became one of a very few countries in which the share of the overweight children is declining and their physical fitness improving.

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PUČKO family - Parents Katja and Sebastijan with their children Lorina and Lenart

We find SLOfit really great. Every year we can observe the progress of children in specific tasks, we can compare their results with the results of their peers, and we are even able to compare their results with our results when we were their age. SLOfit is one of the incentives for our active and healthy leisure time.

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MARKO PRIMOŽIČ - The headmaster of Ivan Grohar primary school from Škofja Loka and a long-time sport worker

We are constantly monitoring the physical and motor development of our pupils with the help of SLOfit. Among other things, this helps us also to evaluate our quality work in physical education. We share the results with our teachers’ board, parents and local community. We base the planning of our programs for increasing physical activity of our children on the evidence, gathered by the SLOfit system.

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