Why is it important?

Physical fitness is one of the most important determinants of health. Due to the negative effects of inappropriate modern lifestyles, the importance of physical fitness is increasing.

SLOfit data is important for each child or adolescent, their parents, physical education teachers and physicians – they monitor physical and motor development of children and youth and help them achieve better physical fitness and well-being.
  • Annual assessment of physical development and motor efficiency help children and youth to follow the development of their own body and to gain awareness that they can influence both by regular physical activity and exercise.
  • Parents can monitor the physical and motor development of their children and compare it to the development of their peers in Slovenia.
  • A PE teacher or a physician can objectively assess the current status of a child’s development and can advise children and parents on involvement into suitable leisure sports, corrective exercise or other health-enhancing interventions.
  • PE teacheris able to objectively diagnose motor and physical development of the children and individualize the exercise and PE class appropriately.
  • The analysis of the population data enables identification of changes at the national level, which enables us to plan and introduce adequate policies and interventions.